Trillanes, Paglingkurin! Movement Launched

Ellen Tordesillas’ blog reposted a report on the launch of “Trillanes, Paglingkurin!” movement, which included former Vice President Guingona and former UP President Francisco Nemenzo.

The group will do a nationwide campaign to exert pressure on the Arroyo government “to allow detained senator Antonio Trillanes IV to perform his duties as a lawmaker.” Trillanes, Paglingkurin! movement’s unity statement is reposted on, and the group could be contacted at

The Senate has earlier adopted a resolution with a similar call, and Senator Miriam Santiago warned them that they may be courting contempt of court. While their cause is just–and will surely be popular–I’m concerned that VP Guingona, Ka Dodong and other personalities in Trillanes, Paglingkurin! movement are doing the same. I hope my lawyer online friends would enlighten me.

A solicited advice to the group: you may want to get the OFWs and bloggers to join your cause. The Malu Fernandez controversy illustrates why.

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