Young Photojournalist Shot Dead

I just opened an e-mail from Carlos Conde of NUJP informing members of his PinoyPress group of another sad news in the media community: A young photojournalist in Mindanao was killed yesterday.

Gene Boyd Lumawag, 26, photo editor of online news agency MindaNews, was shot dead by an unidentified gunman in downtown Jolo, Sulu. “He was on his way to shoot the sunset from the pier of Jolo when felled by a lone bullet from a caliber .45 handgun. He was hit on the forehead just above his right eyebrow,” a MindaNews report said.

“Gene Boyd was a promising photojournalist. He was a kind friend and a talented colleague,” Conde wrote.

Some of Lumawag’s works are in this MindaNews photo gallery and also in

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