All the Way with Jojo Alejar

I watched a portion of That’s Entertainment veteran Jojo Alejar’s TV show one night. It is called All the Way. Oriah said it is patterned after the TV show of Jay Leno and David Letterman. The show’s not bad, but I’d prefer watching Eli Soriano and the Iglesia ni Cristo ministers.

What I noticed about Alejar is that his hair looked like a wig. Oriah said it only looked like that, but she thinks it isn’t. At least the guy doesn’t need the hair transplants New Jersey surgeon Dr. Gregory Pistone offers, hehe.

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  1. ha ha it’s actually titled “the medyo late nite show ” with jojo a. all the way :o) and I agree about eli and the inc, they’re very interesting too hehe… have a gud day tsup :o)

    by the way, it’s not a wig but no worries you’re not the only one who thought so, the hair is soooo nice it actually looks like an expensive one… ha ha ooowww huu… Godbless ma friend !!!

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