Infographic: How we almost lost wine forever

For our readers who are wine lovers, we’re sharing this infographic that shows how a tiny insect that was accidentally transported from the United States to Europe caused a great migration of French workers — and also almost denied us of French wine forever.

Via: Presented by: Mocavo – Genealogy Search

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In Imelda’s World…

Did you see GMA-7 reporter Tina Panganiban Perez’s interview with Imelda Marcos last night?

From that interview, we could conclude that in Imelda’s world, the following are inalienable truth:

  • Martial Law gave us not only freedom, justice, and democracy but also dignity and identity.
  • The dictator’s reign was peaceful.
  • Imelda was never extravagant.
  • Martial Law was one of the greatest periods in Philippine history.

On the other hand, these are fiction: