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The Da Vinci Code

I’m not the type who reads bestsellers. Usually, it takes me years before I read books raved about by everyone. It took me three Harry Potter books to pass before I had an interest to might as well read the first one. Last week, while I was rummaging through some books I bought but haven’t finished, I saw Dan Brown’s celebrated novel The Da Vinci Code and decided what the heck, might as well read the damn thing.

Voila! I got hooked. I was supposed to write something political here but I wasn’t able to jot it down because I was reading, what else?

Thing is I’ve always been a believer of the sacred feminine and the “grand conspiracy” against it. History is made by those in power, as the book suggests. My history professor would even add that history is made by those who have the means to change or twist it. If that’s the case, then it’s really up to us to decode our own truths or leave it to faith.