Archbishop Cruz and the “Public Sinner”

Dagupan Archbishop Oscar Cruz recently said that public sinners should not be given the Holy communion. News reports said he was referring to Mrs. Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo — the Philippines’ de facto president who is accused of election fraud and corruption. But the maverick archbishop denied he called Arroyo a public sinner who should not be given communion.

He told CBCPNews that all he stated was, according to the teachings of the Church, a public sinner should not be given communion.

He had earlier wrote on his blog:

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Laymen or Clergy?

Archbishop Oscar Cruz, though an entry on his blog, has asked Pope Benedict XVI not to accept President Arroyo’s invitation to visit the Philippines.

His Excellency wrote that “a papal visit to the country might be neither wise nor prudent these times.”

“The country is anything but safe and crime free. The visit will give the government officials the salivating occasion to make money for themselves. Furthermore, a papal visit would dignify a national leadership that is suffering from dire lack of moral ascendancy not to mention its big socio-political liabilities,” Archbishop Cruz continued. Continue reading “Laymen or Clergy?”

Ang Kapatiran Website Changes Server

Ang Kapatiran or Alliance for Common Good, a lesser-known political party that promotes “politics of virtue” and “politics of duty”, appears to be popular in cyberspace. Its website was not functioning properly when I visited it yesterday. Today, it reports that it has “experienced a surge in members wanting to register, and have run into problems with our new website.” Continue reading “Ang Kapatiran Website Changes Server”

Bush vs. Jesus

Found this at David Hopkin’s blog. I copied the entire post:

As part of “Piss-Off-Bush Monday”, here’s an interesting bit of satire from Mad magazine. (Historical sidenote– Mad was created by EC, a popular comic book company from the early days of the industry. During the ’50s, EC was destroyed by a government council researching the involvement of comics in contributing to juvenile deliquency.)