Dining Out

When we have extra money, Oriah and I eat out at some of the restaurants in the Roces/Morato area in Quezon City. We once tried one that serves Mediterranean cuisine. The food was not great, but I think I enjoyed it naman. But the price– it’s too steep for young, struggling writer-journalists like us.

One thing that we noticed while eating was that on the other table there was a big family with a bunch of preteens and teenagers who were very noisy. They were even speaking in accented English. And because of the general ambiance of the place, even if I haven’t been out of the Philippines, I felt like we were in another country where many un-Filipinized Filipinos roam. In United States, maybe? Since California ranks first in the number of Filipinos, probably it was like in one of the restaurants in La Jolla?

Anyway, we decided not to eat there again. Not because of the Pinoy kids with foreign tongue but due to another reason I cited earlier.

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