Fare Hike

Jeepney and bus fares will be higher by two pesos 15 days from now. That means even a two-minute jeepney ride will cost P7.50. Sad. It’s even sadder that the LTFRB announcement on the fare hike came before the wage board’s decision on the worker’s petition for a wage increase.

I was telling my officemates I could save P8.50 by just walking to the office. My boss said I may avoid paying the new minimum fare, but I could walk away from heatstroke!

Por Diyos por santo! Ano nang buhay ito?

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Are you aware of what Sec. Bunye said? That it should not be a burden because that only amounts to two text messages! I wonder how much will be the wage hike. When was the last anyway? There has been a lot of fare hikes before that and more commodity price increase. Can they ever even that out?

last year, aircon bus fare was not included in the hike, are they included this time? right now, there’s only two-peso difference on the fares for ride from Ortigas to Manggahan (Commonwealth) — P19 (sometimes P18) for air con vs P17 on ordinary busses. if ordinary bus fare increase and aircon busses won’t, all the more that it would be more economical to ride on the latter.

Ardythe: I don’t even want to hear the things that Bunye is saying nowadays. He should try living even for just a day with the people in payatas so he’d stop peddling illusions that all’s well with the Filipinos.

Nicko: the increase is just for jeepneys and ordinary buses.

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