Impeachment Updates

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AKBAYAN and the Alliance of Progressive Labor picketed the House of Representatives to urge lawmakers to speed up the impeachment process and to dare fence-sitting lawmakers to affix their signatures to the impeachment complaint.

Their first request was apparently not granted as today’s impeachment hearing at the justice committee was suspended due to procedural questions. It is expected to resume next week.

Meanwhile, the natdem block of Bayan Muna, Anakpawis and Gabriela Women’s Party served “impeachi-pichi”, “impeachapie” and “impeach candies” to the media and people’s organizations at the House as they launched their “Bantay Impeachment” initiative. The party-list solons served the renamed egg pies, pichi-pichi and candies to members of the media and activist leaders who were present.

The group has also set up at blogs at and and in order to facilitate contact with the media and the public.

It appears that Bantay Impeachment is different from the Citizen’s Impeachment Watch by other civil society groups.

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first of all my condolence to sen. roco…you are a “big lost” to our country. sen. roco is a good politician and i believe nobody will diagree with me for saying this. unfornately he wasn’t given the chance to govern us to the highest position as president of the country. more unfortunately we are being governed by a person with dubious leadership. i admire our president for taking all allegations against her and her family…i wonder how she can stomach all of these??? ang tapang ng sikmura (yuck)…now, the palace is trying all its best to bury all the “issues” involving her and her holy family (holy coz some of the family members are lords…jueteng lords). the presidents guys are doing their best on the near impeachment…they’ll do everything to quash the issue. the latest one is sudden press release of mike defensor (defenter) of kabulukan. this guy, is also bulok..bata pa sira na ulo! ang kapal magasalita sa t.v. akala mo’y tama parati ang sinasabi…the real example of a loyal sipsip. totoo nga palang may tahi ito sa nguso (sa internet ko lang nabasa) sana buong bibig nito tinahi na wala kasing kwenta ang mga pinagsasabi nito kagaya din ni gonzales, bunye, ermita at saka iyong isa si tukmol este tiglao ata…pati si subiring bading sipsip talaga…ha ha ha…see you guys in hell as soon as possible hopely!!! ha ha ha ha

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