Link of the Day: Niel Crespi

Windows Liveâ„¢ Spaces: Neil Crespi

Neil, who describes himself as “a true blue Californian guy,” is a 24-year old writer. He says he is a freelance journalist, part-time blogger, and a part-time blog ghostwriter. According to him, writing has been his passion ever since he realized its existence.

Neil’s interests range from politics to sports and showbiz. “Tinsel Town is a rich source of things to write about aside from the fact it truly is interesting to follow through the lives of equally interesting and good-looking people,” he wrote in one of his blogs. Aside from writing, he is also into snowboarding, hiking, and diving, among other things. He likes Chinese food and love to read John Grisham novels.

Check out the link above, and you’ll find links to his other writings at Live Journal,, MySpace,, and Blogspot.

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