Partying With Meldy

I could imagine the late Presidential Commission on Good Government (PCGG) Chair Haydee Yorac glaring at Commissioner Ricardo Abcede while he was happily dancing with the remaining half of the Marcos conjugal dictatorship.

The Yorac-led PCGG rejected compromise deals with the Marcoses and their cronies and was determined to send Imelda Marcos in jail for plundering our nation. Yorac and her team worked for the speedy resolution of the cases against the Marcoses and their cronies by hiring more lawyers, devoting more resources to so-called banner cases, and firming up cooperation with other agencies.

The current PCGG is very different. Commissioner Abcede and Chairman Camilo Sabio Chair had been very excited about entering into settlements with the Marcoses and their cronies, saying it is to “put it (the Marcos ill-gotten wealth issue) behind us” and “unite our people.”

When criticized for partying with Imelda, Abcede replied he “just wanted to have fun with friends.” So, close pala sila. For a Marcos friend, the tasks assigned to PCGG (as stated in President Cory Aquino’s Executive Order No. 1) would be very difficult to accomplish.

Still, it’s not surprising to see people like Abcede landing a post in PCGG. Gloria Arroyo herself had been calling on the people to “move on” and “unite” behind her despite a ringing (Hello Garci) evidence that she cheated in the elections.

When their boss sees nothing wrong with stealing the people’s vote, why should dancing with Meldy be that bad?

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It is despicable to what Abcede did dancing with the enemy within of the poor Filipino people.Europeans are just laughing at us.Justice must come first before peace.

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