A Comatose “King” Unites the Nation

Fernando Poe, Jr.At certain points in its history the the usually fragmented Filipino nation is brought together by striking events. The last time this happened was when Angelo de la Cruz, an OFW, was abducted by Iraqi guerillas.

Now, while Fernando Poe, Jr., (Ronald Allan Kelley Poe in real life) –the 65-year old king of Philippine cinema–is in coma after a stroke, we are again seeing this temporary unity among Filipinos.

People from all classes–from old housewives to government officials to popular actors and actressess to taxi drivers– have been expressing their sadness at what happened to the King. Amid reports that FPJ’s condition is not getting better, they are all hoping and praying that FPJ would be given another chance to live.

What happened to Poe brought together political and religious rivals. TV reports said former President Cory Aquino brought Poe–who is still confined at the St. Luke’s Medical Center–a miraculous rosary. Imelda Marcos also visited him. Sandiganbayan again given ousted President Joseph Estrada the permission to go out of jail; this time, to be able to visit his best friend. President Gloria Arroyo and Senator Panfilo–FPJ’s opponents in the presidential elections last May–said they join the nation in praying for FPJ’s speedy recovery. Jesus is Lord pastor Bro. Eddie Villanueva, also one of the presidential candidates last May, went to the hospital to pray over Da King. Bro. Mike Velarde of El Shaddai group, who supported Arroyo, also visited Poe. The actor’s running mate, former Sen. Loren Legarda even brought a statue of the Our Lady of Manaoag and was shown on TV crying, hopefully not in a bid to regain her People Power 2 image as the Crying Lady. Meanwhile, FPJ fans and supporters are gathering together and holding prayer vigils.

Sadly for Poe–who claimed he was cheated in the 2004 polls–the national unity that he promised during the campaign materialized in a different sense and form and in such an unfortunate circumstance.

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