Rally Organizer Arrested

Police arrested without warrant this morning an organizer for the leftist Bayan Muna party-list organization, according to the office of Rep. Joel Virador.

Jesi Carandang was in a jeep with residents of Onyx in Sta. Ana, Manila to join the rally in Ayala when he was arrested. No case was filed against him but he was detained at Dagonoy Precint 1 in Onyx, Sta. Ana. He was only released when Virador insisted that the arrest has no basis. Virador described the incident as a harassment of anti-Arroyo protest organizers.

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  1. This means that freedom is not in the air anymore… I once watched an anime whose genre is about war and politics… One of the protagonist said…

    “Freedom is not handed to you… You must fight for it.”

    We are a nation of pacifist ok, but that doesn’t mean that when our freedom is threated, we will not resort to violence.

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