Erap’s ‘Readiness’

Banco de Oro, which bought Equitable PCI Bank this year, has already forwarded to the Sandiganbayan P215 million from the Erap Muslim Youth Foundation. The court earlier ordered the forfeiture of the foundation’s funds, which were sourced from ousted President Joseph Estrada’s jueteng collections.

Interviewed on television about the forfeiture of his assets, Estrada said he’s ready get jailed in Munti if proven guilty of violating anything in connection with this forfeiture issue.

Funny how he seems to have chosen to forget how he eventually gave in to the executive pardon offer that was so excitedly given to him by the Palace people. To think he had spent most of the past six years in his rest house and in a hospital. And now he’s saying that he’s ready to go to a real prison. Bagay nga sila ni Arroyo!