The Opposition’s Search For A Leader

After FPJ’s death, the opposition is in seach of a leader who could unite its fragmented membership. Susan Roces is reportedly the one being eyed to perform such a mission. Pundits describe Da King’s widow as an honest and elegant lady–but advises her to stay away from politics. Susan herself said she doesn’t want to thread the path that her husband went through. It could be recalled, however, that even FPJ was reluctant to enter politics at first. It remains to be seen if Susan will yield to the request of her husband’s followers.

Meanwhile, Loren Legarda, FPJ’s running mate in last year’s elections, seems interested to take the post should Susan continue to refuse. Like FPJ, Loren also lost but filed an election complaint against Vice President Noli de Castro. Widely perceived as an ambitious woman, Loren was a People Power 2 icon who later became acceptable to the Estrada-FPJ camp. Let’s see if she’ll make it.

Aside from Susan and Loren, it’s difficult to think of other leaders qualified enough to take the helm of the opposition. Joseph Estrada is an ousted president who is being tried for the crime of plunder. Edgardo Angara is at odds with other members. Panfilo Lacson was sidelined last year–I doubt if he’s even being considered now.

On the other hand, Teofisto Guingona, who sided with the opposition before the 2004 elections, could stage a grand comeback. A respected statesman, he was considered a “thorn on Arroyo’s side” for his nationalist and pro-people principles. He was also one of the pillars of People Power 2. But his credibility was tainted after he chose to endorse FPJ and get chummy with the Estradas. Others might also say he is too old to be a leader. But then again, age doesn’t matter, as they always say.

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i guess this is the time to prove to the pilipino people that fpj is the winner since last election. and its time to see the truth of what happent in last election. me my self work as a jounalist there. i can say something going on talaga. kung tutuo na nanalo si gma papayagan niyan ituloy ang process in fpj.

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