This One’s for Techies

Got this forwarded e-mail from a friend. Might be good news for those who love computers and gadgets:

Up to 80% off on the LATEST techie gadgets!

Have your Christmas shopping at MSI-Digiland from September 14-16, 2005 and get up to 80% discount on their latest line of techie gadgets. The MSI-Digiland Annual Warehouse Sale features an impressive line-up of all-must-go products including laptops, desktops and monitors from ACER, Apple, IBM, HP Compaq and NEC, peripherals from Imation and Genius, HDDs from Western Digital, printers and optical drives from Samsung, computer casings from Tsunami and software from Oracle, IBM, Trend Micro, EMC and Symantec-Veritas .

For more information on the MSI-Digiland Annual Warehouse Sale, please contact Chona Justiniano at 688-3182, email or visit

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As you know, there’s an agreement to create an umbrella organization uniting all the forces against GMA. it’s called “bukluran para sa katotohanan.” we’d like to get the blogosphere involved by those of us who agree on the points of unity, to come out wthstatement of support on monday,m when the big, and final push for impeachment will begin. the points of unity are: 1. each is a truth seeker 2. gma must go because she does not have the trust of the people 3. we beleive in peaceful, democratic ways of solving this crisis.

let me know if you’re interested in joining the common blog effort on monday.

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