Two Papers Merge

The first issue of Manila Standard Today came out Monday. This paper is a result of the merger between Manila Standard–a daily that looks like a lifestyle magazine— and Today, which recently transformed itself into a business daily.

The result of the merger looks like Manila Standard with additional Today logo and content. Blogger jEn says the “‘new’ name really bothers…and annoys” her. As for me, I miss the clean, formal, and intelligent look of Today.

I think they should have just launched an entirely new paper with a new name and a new look.

I’m also wondering how this development will affect Today’s joint project with ABS-CBN. At present, there is still no mention of Manila Standard on the site’s front page. It uses Manila Standard Today’s news articles but publishes only columns by Today columnists like Prof. Luis Teodoro.

5 Replies to “Two Papers Merge”

  1. hi. in addition, no editor from Today was absorbed in the merger. Manila Standard editors stayed.oh, and only a few reporters from Today are still writing for Manila Standard Today. (have to know these things coz it comes with my job. hehehe) and i agree with you when you said that they should have launched a different name altogether. lastly, the name still annoys me. 🙂

  2. And to think Today is the paper we have at home because of less advertisements and articles, as well as opinions.

    Now what? What now?

    How about my web access? How will it affect my daily news?

  3. stumbled upon ur blog while m checkin the pinoyweekly stats… niwei, basta, it’s d lack of ads that killed Today (right you are Ardythe) but if the Cojuancos have the reserves, maybe Today could’ve opted out of that merger…

    la lang wehehe =)

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