When Will They Stop Lying?

Statement of Secretary Ignacio R. Bunye On Proclamation 1017

There is a crackdown on anarchy and disorder, not on freedoms.

Proclamation 1017 is not a tool for oppression but a shield of the state and the people against mob rule and the seditious use of the tools for public information to foment civil unrest.

The President commends the PNP and the Prosecutor’s Office for the speedy filing of criminal charges against those who tried but failed to bring down the government.

If the plotters had succeeded, the country could have been in flames by now as the factions of the extreme left, the misguided elements of the military and the political opportunists fight among themselves for supremacy.

With their setback, the plotters also failed to derail our economic gains.

Confidence in the economy remains high and this is a tribute to the decisive actions taken by President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo to restore political stability.

The perceived restiveness within the ranks of the military is abating and the chain of command is secure as ever.

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