Will She Last…?

Lately, there have been persistent talks of destabilization and coup d’etat or another EDSA-type People Power revolt. The anticipation of the latter was heightened during the wake of Fernando Poe Jr. Luckily for President Arroyo, no such uprising happened. But with the President’s unpopularity and the reports that the opposition is convincing Susan Roces to lead them, as well as the constant threat of Revolution being waged by communists guerillas, the new year also brought with it the air of political uncertainty. I’m sure many of us are bothered by the question “Will Mrs. Arroyo finish her second term?”

“Arroyo may not last through 2005,” says a recent report by Alexander Martin Remollino of Bulatlat.com.

“Disgruntled military elements and Fernando Poe, Jr.’s supporters may conspire to bring her down from power,” says the report which is based on a interview with political analysts Ben Lim and Luis Teodoro of the Center for People Empowerment in Governance.

Read the actual report here.

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