Last year, during the height of the Hello Garci controversy, this text joke was circulated among Filipino texters:

“Sa dami ng mga batikos hindi magawang magsalita ng ating presidente. Bakit? Mahirap na. Baka mabosesan!”

During the recent House Committe on Justice deliberation that junked the the impeachment complaint against the de facto President, Pateros-Taguig Rep. Alan Peter Cayetano placed on the podium a piece of paper with these words: “Takot, Ayaw Sumagot. Kasi Guilty?”

Cayeto may seem desperate, or even juvenile, but the words he displayed sound logical.

What could be the real reason Arroyo refuses to really answer the charges of election fraud against her? All she did was say sorry, and then convinced the people to move on. But as Dao Ming Si of Meteor Garden said,

This has been said many times, but we agree that the nation could never move on until Arroyo gives us a satisfactory answer on the questions brought about by the Hello Garci tapes, as well as the Fertilizer Scam. The charges against her are not just joke-jocs that she could easily dismiss. She must face the people and go through the due process, as her followers always say.

She did not recognize the Citizen’s Congress for Truth and Accountability. Obviously, she cannot create an independent truth commission. At present, the impeachment process is the only way these charges could be properly answered. However, Arroyo and her congressmen have been doing everything to kill the complaints.

Why hide the truth if she’s not afraid of it?

The recent junking of the impeachment complaint would encourage more people to go out in the streets and say let’s make baka, don’t be takot! It also blocked the remaining legal avenue toward the search for truth, but opened up other ways not enshrined in our constitution. This should make us, including Arroyo, even more afraid.

3 Replies to “Afraid?”

  1. There’s no doubt that Gloria Arroyo is guilty of all the charges -cheating, lying, malversation, betrayal of public trust, etc. etc. – contained in the impeachment complaint.

    No doubt also that the reason hindi siya makasagot, is because she is guilty.

    I doubt, though, that the junking of the impeachment complaint will move people to go out to the streets to oust her.

    I’m disappointed and frustrated about our apathy.

    But all i know is that, there’s a Divine Being that does not condone cheating, lying and thievery.

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