Raul Roco’s First Death Anniv

Got this message from Sonia Roco on one of my mailing lists:

On August 5, 2006, Saturday, Raul Roco, Our Friend, Servant of God and Country, will be one year (EarthTime) in Heaven, Let us remember him without fanfare and/or fireworks, instead, Let it be a day of Prayer, Let us offer masses on that day in our parishes and ask our priest friends if they can mention his name so others will remember how much he loved and served us with the gift of his life.

Please help multiply this remembering RSR prayer brigade by passing this request to others nationwide.

For friends who will be in Manila, there will be a mass at 7pm, Dela Strada Parish, Quezon City, Please confirm if you can be with us, May you stay close to the heart of God.

Thank You

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