Arroyo’s New Appointees

Mrs. Gloria Arroyo recently appointed a “Hello Garci” general as the new chief of staff of the Armed Forces and a bureaucrat-capitalist who voted to junk last year’s impeachment against her as secretary of education.

Lt. Gen. Hermogenes Esperon Jr., who took over the post of AFP’s 35th chief of staff yesterday, was mentioned twice in the Hello Garci tapes. Meanwhile, former Tarlac Rep. Jesli Lapus, who now heads the education department, is a certified public accountant/businessman-turned-politican. He replaced Fe Hidalgo, a classrom teacher who rose to the ranks to become officer-in-charge of the department. Lapus’s appointment is opposed by the Department of Education union and the Alliance of Concerned Teachers.

3 Replies to “Arroyo’s New Appointees”

  1. If all presidential appointees were truly fit for the job. Why are all the departments with presidential appointees still in dismal states with no direction?
    If this secretary really knows what he is supposed to do, then we should see new school buildings that are supposed to have been built three decades ago in all the barangays of the country. Not just the buildings but also the plantilla for the teachers who should occupy the positions.
    Please, no more reforms to the educational system. There is enough confusion as it is.

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