The Bishops And The Potion

The Catholic Bishops’ Conference of the Philippines yesterday released a statement on various socio-political issues including the impeachment case against Gloria Arroyo, which they refused to endorse.

While they reiterated their denunciation of the killing of journalists and activists, their call for electoral reforms and their opposition to the so-called people’s initiative, the bishops said they “are not inclined at the present moment to favor the impeachment process as the means for establishing the truth.”

They said if the motivation behind the impeachment process is not genuine concern for the common good, it will only be an “unproductive political exercise,” that will only further dismay the people and deepen their negative perception of all politicians.

The bishops claimed they “are undoubtedly for the search for truth,” and then nixed the impeachment process. This leaves the faithful asking: “How else could we find out the truth about the allegations that Arroyo cheated in the 2004 elections with the help of Garci and some military men and used agricultural funds for her campaign?”

Last year, they refused to call for Gloria’s resignation but insisted on resolving the crisis through constitutional means. That made us think that maybe they would at least consider impeachment.

I don’t want to be malicious, so I would not even link CBCP’s decision to reject the impeachment to reports that some of its members got from the Palace rice and medicines for their flock. I believe there is another reason for such a statement, and Harry Potter fans like me would understand this.

Reports say bishops were invited to a dinner at the Malacañang Palace before they convened. This afternoon, while Archbishop Lagdameo was reading the CBCP statement, my officemates noticed that just like Arroyo, he has a mole on his face. The realization suddenly struck me: It is not Lagdameo whom we were watching on TV. He (or she) was someone else on a high dose of Polyjuice Potion courtesy of the Palace’s Ministry of Magic!

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  1. When Cardinal Sin was still alive, i vividly recalled that during the Edsa 2, he was at stage and haranguing and convincing the Pilipinos to to join them sa that they can oust the oust President Estrada. but now, the CBCP is averting its attention or sympathy to the people who want gloria ousted. why they don’t do what Cardinal Sin does when he was alive?
    its very apparent that gloria cheated in the previous election and majority of the Pilipino want her oust in the palace, but the CBCP seems not to notice the noticeable.

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