Bombings and National ID

After the Valentine’s Day bombings, the government wants to implement the national ID system saying it could deter crime. Why fear if you have nothing to hide, its spokesperson say.

What about the citizens’ right to privacy?

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Aside from the people’s right to privacy, there is an equally big question here: how does the government define who is to be considered an “enemy of the state”?

In 2003 President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo called trade unions demanding higher wages, more benefits, and better working conditions “terrorists.” A year earlier, she called advocates of an independent foreign policy “terrorist lovers.”

Last May, Malacañang labelled as “communist fronts” groups like Patriots who were working for clean elections. We all know the dangerous implications of being called a “communist” under the present political dispensation.

Given these, who stand to suffer the consequences of a national ID system?

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