Huwag Kang Mang-Go-Gloria Ring Tone

After “Hello Garci,” “Huwag Kang Mang-Go-Gloria” promises to be the next hottest ring tone in the texting capital of the world. This mp3 ring tone is from the carrier single “Values Education” of Akbayan‘s protest album “Wag kang Mang-Go-Gloria”. More info are posted at the PCIJ blog.

Download the Huwag Kang Mang-Go-Gloria ring tone here. Below is a press release on the launch of “Values Education.”

AKBAYAN launches soundtrack to Gloria’s ouster

AKBAYAN together with indie scene icons Gary Granada and Noel Cabangon and other like-minded artist groups launched what they called the soundtrack to GMA’s exit from Malacanang.

At a press conference held at Conspiracy Restaurant today, the carrier single “Values Education” was launched, to be included in an album “Wag kang Mang-Go-Gloria”. The song, composed by the multi awarded Gary Granada and performed by Grupong AKBAYAN-Davao tackles the historical roots of elite politics and the systemic changes that need to be overhauled to avoid similar crises like that hounding the current regime.

AKBAYAN Rep. Risa Hontiveros said that the single was a creative way of expressing the sentiments of people who want GMA out of office. “It is art that serves the purpose of expressing the underlying rage that people feel towards the grave injustice committed in killing the impeachment complaint,” she said.

The single “Values Education” highlights the problems government has swept under the rug, according to Hontiveros, “because at this point GMA is concerned with nothing but political survival.”

The song goes “wag kang mandadaya/ wag kang magsinungaling, ang mga panata at pangako’y tuparin/ wag kang manggugulang, wag kang magsamantala/ wag kang manlamang ng iyong kapwa/ wag kang mang-go-Gloria.”

Hontiveros said the song, while light-hearted, packs a wallop. “It goes straight to the core of GMA’s ineptitude as a leader, and the servitude of Philippine interests to elite monopoly,” she explained, “and this song will play as the people’s clamor for GMA’s ouster or resignation reaches its height in the weeks to follow.”

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