Pacquiao Wins

Here’s a bit of good news that brings a feeling of unity for our nation divided by the on-going political crisis:

As soon as I woke up this noon, I learned from Oriah that Manny Pacquiao won his boxing match against his Mexican opponent Hector Velazquez.

The Mercury News carries an AP report saying that Pacquaio won by technical knockout in the sixth round of the super featherweight bout, which was supposed to last for 12 rounds.

Pacquiao’s patron, Mrs. Arroyo, must be very proud of her endorser. Unluckily for her, even if Pacquiao’s victory makes the Filipino people happy, it wouldn’t be able to convince us that she did not cheat in last year’s presidential elections.

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Congrats for a hard earned belt……. It proves that cheaters never wins….. how about gloria? hehehehe gloria don’t use pacquiao coz he’s a true working champion and your not on a level of satisfactory when it comes to pleasing the filipino’s pacquiao pleased the nation… not you gloria!!!! God Bless Usa oops God Bless US! says gloria

God bless us!

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