“Impeach Her” — De Quiros

One of our favorite columnists, Conrado de Quiros, has again called for President Arroyo’s impeachment. He wrote that Arroyo’s failure to stop jueteng–the illegal numbers game that caused former President Estrada’s ouster–is enough for us to get rid of her.

Here is an excerpt from his column in the Philippine Daily Inquirer:

If only for the fact that she has not stopped jueteng in the country-the one thing we demanded of her in her gratuitous rise to the presidency, her sole moral justification for governing-she ought to be derided for being a charlatan. If only for the fact that she has not stopped jueteng in her very own province-though Pampangueños themselves have been known to disown her, saying the Makabebes themselves are truer to their word-she ought to be scorned for being a fraud. But for making jueteng worse now than during Erap’s time, she ought to be kicked out the door by sovereign will, or boot.

That is quite apart from evidence that would link her or her family to the racket. The fact alone that jueteng has thrived during her rule, by accident or design, is reason enough to end that rule.

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  1. Maybe Conrado De Quiros Should run the Philippines himself.

    Give the academic loudmouth a taste of his own medicine.

    I urge people to read his articles and realise how media bias has poisoned philippine journalism.


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