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We’re starting a “Pierce the Candidates” series to help our readers get to know our senatorial candidates better. Each posting will be updated as we gather new information about a particular candidate. For our first piercing, we’d like to start with administration bet Prospero “Butch” A. Pichay, Jr.

Pichay was born on June 20, 1950 in Cantilan, Surigao del Sur. He has a son named Carlo, who is proud of his father.

Pichay, a Commerce graduate of De la Salle University, has been the representative of the first district of Surigao del Sur since 1998. Before entering the Congress he was a businessman. He was the owner of Carlo Commercial Printing and Carlo Publishing, which reportedly published the tabloid Remate.
Aside from being Pro-Pinoy, Pichay could also be described as pro-night clubs. SunStar reported that in 2003, when the Justice department wanted to bar government officials from going to bars and girlie joints, Pichay vehemently opposed the plan. According to SunStar, he said that preventing government officials from going to bars is the “highest form of hypocrisy” and violates the right to privacy. “Moralizing is very subjective. We should not mix it with governance,” Pichay was quoted as saying.

The laws of which he is the primary authors are Republic Act 9355, which created the Province of Dinagat Islands; RA 9340, which amended RA 9164 to extend the terms of office of barangay officials and reset the date of barangay elections, and RA 9344, the Juvenile Justice and Welfare Act. Here is a link to the list of his bills and resolutions in the 13th Congress.

The TEAM Unity candidate and vocal defender of President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo says it is his dream to make the Filipinos’ dreams come true. His official biography says Pichay believes that a dream ceases to be one when you will it. Arroyo said Pichay will work for the development of Mindanao. In the TEAM Unity website, listed as Pichay’s platforms are:

* Livelihood
* Education
* Disaster management and environment
* Alternative energy resources
* Defense and National Security
* Youth and sports development

Pinoy Votester 2007 reports that Pichay

Stood for implementation of Mining Act of 1995 and Charter Change, and supported mining and logging companies in his province; called for a review of the VFA but with US permission; opposed calls for commercial log ban, does not believe in the culpability of the military on extrajudicial killings.

Being the current president of the National Chess Federation of the Philippines, his present motto is: “Make the Right Move, Play Chess!”

Despite his television ads that are aired very often, Pichay fails to make in the top 12 in the surveys. In the latest Pulse Asia survey, he is only one rank ahead of Antonio Trillanes, who cannot campaign because he is in jail .

Pichay doesn’t seem to very popular among Filipino bloggers, too. Search Pichay on Technorati and you will find comments like this:

“I am not saying that he is a trapo (traditional politician) so that he may be called a dino politician – meaning, a totally ancient and extinct politician. I am also not saying that I won’t vote for him. Though, it’s pretty obvious huh?” (dreamshadow)

Despite this, however, we have to admit that Pichay has one of the best election ads on YouTube. His theme song, Bagong Umaga, was performed by the popular band 6cyclemind. His ad has also spawned funny spoofs on YouTube, such as this and this.

Official website

Pichay’s profile at

Pichay’s profile at

16 Replies to “Prospero Pichay”

  1. Pichay sa senado is a well qualified candidate for senator.I’m campaigning for his candidacy even though I’m don’t belong to any politcal party.I like him.Ang kagaya nya ay kailangan natin para isulong ang ang bansa tungo sa kaunlaran.Mabuhay ka Butch.Hanga ako sayo.Sana wag kang magbago para hindi mabigo ang mga taong umaasa sa yo.More power senator.Marajaw karajaw an imo plata porma.Paunlarin mo pa ang lalawigan natin maski hindi na ako nakatira doon.Para na rin sa mga kaanak anakan natin.Pinsan Butch Good Luck.Kusog ka diri sa Ormoc.

  2. I am campaigning for PICHAY for senator. He is deserve for what position he want. Aside for his good and interested propaganda, I like him to be a true FILIPINO. Pangalan pa lang maka-PILIPINO na. More power senator!

  3. hindi ko masyadong kilala si congressman butch pichay at hindi ko pa sya na met pero na met na sya ng mga kapamilya ko sa amin jan sa surigao del sur.pero ang alam ko matagal narin syang pinagkatiwalaan at nagserbisyo sa aming lugar.naalala ko pa noon yong kanyang mga posters ang bata pa nya doon at ang gwapo talaga pero ang laki ng pagbabago sa kanya.anyway,nong panahon na yon hindi pa ako makaboto,pero ngayon chance ko ng iboto ang politiko na karapatdapat na ilagay sa tamang posisyon at sana rin pag nasa posisyon na sila wag nilang kalimutan ang diyos,sana lagi silang may takot sa dyos,para malinis ang kanilang mga konsensya.ang palaging gumagawa ng tama,ay palaging gagabayan ng ating mahal na dyos.para kht ano pa man ang mangyayari ang ating panginoong jesukristo ay palaging na sa iyong tabi.katulad nalang kay pangolong GMA,kaht anong tangkang npabagsakin ang kanyang administrasyon hnd kailan man nagtatagumpay ito.hnd ako pro GMA noon pero yon ang aking nakikita sa kanya.wla namn pong perpekto sa atin,pero dapat ay suportahan din ang ating gobyerno,para sa ating bansa,wala po akong masasabi msama sa mga kandidato natin ,pero isa lang po ang masasabi ko sana ang mananalo ay iyong karapat dapat lamang.CONGRESSMAN pichay,sana po manalo kayo para sa senado.wag kang mag alala kht saang sulok ng pilipinas maykababyan kang sumosuporta sayo

  4. Im campaigning for Rep. Butch Pichay for Senator. The Mindanaoans, and the rest of the Team Unity Candidates.

  5. c pichay hnd namen cya kilala. kaya nagresearch pa ako para mabasa info about him. u think his ok. iboto c pichay. sana lang marami kayo matulungan hnd lang surigao del sur pati quezon , batangas etc.

  6. pichay try m mgbra!!!!!law2 eh!ang daring!!!may balak k b mag pose sa fhm….heeheheheh

  7. nagkatotoo ang pangarap ni pichay. lumake bayag nya. joke!
    dont worry itatanim kita. no joke!

  8. PICHAY.. pano kita itatanim sa senado eh sementado un?


    pangarap kong lumiit ang tyan ni Pichay!

    Pro Pinoy!

  9. i love pitchay!! let’s give him a chance na manilbihan sa lahat ng mga pilipino. wag natin maliitin ang kakayahan nya at wag natin siya agad i judge. pitchay, kayang kaya mo yan! actually, i told my family and friends na iboto ka. i will be very happy pag nkaupo ka sa senado. GOODLUCK!

  10. To those who voted for Pichay, may I suggest that you visit the 1st district of Surigao del Sur where he was congressman for three terms. Visit Tandag City by ROAD from either Davao City, Butuan City or Surigao City and you will know why the people of Surigao del Sur quick NOT to vote for him. The provincial roads in Surigao del Sur are some of the worst in the Philippines and Surigao del Sur remains one of the poorest provinces in the country. One would wonder where Pichay got all his campaign money when he hails from such a poor province that does not even have a proper telephone service. The man does not even travel by road to Tandag City; he travels by helicopter. God knows where and how he got one in the first place. His brother is once again congressman of the 1st district, which he won through sheer magic by the administration. It is easy to be impressed with Pichay when you don’t come from Surigao del Sur or if you do, then you must have partaken of the spoils of corruption.

  11. Pichay got his millions if not Billions of Pesos from the forests of Surigao Del sur.

    In the years 2005 to 2006, Pichay was able to haul at least 100 cargo ships full of first class logs of Lawaan, Mahogany, Yakal, Molave, Narra, Magkono and rattans from the logging concession area once operated by the defunct Lianga bay Logging Company in Diatagon Lianga Surigao del sur. The ships directly picked-up the logs in seas of Surigao del sur. He delivered most of the logs to a big logging businessman in Davao City and also to Cebu City lumber companies and furniture companies.

    One cargo ship can accommodate at least 5,000 to 12,000 cubic meter of logs. Lets say 1 cubic meter is 1,000 pesos X 10,000 cbm per ship X 100 ships = 1 Billion Pesos. This is not including the thousands of truckloads Pichay hauled to the cities of Butuan, Cagayan, Davao and Iligan.

    Pichay used a group named SAMILIA pretending to be a Community Based Forest Management. The DENR PENRO in Surigao del sur was hand picked by Pichay for the position and the then DENR Secretary was Mike Defensor, a friend and partner of Pichay in commiting illegal logging in the Surigao del Sur.

    This was featured in the ABS CBN news but was not done extensively. I presume Pichay was able to “buy” the expose team lead by Henry-Omaga Diaz whose team went all the way to Diatagon, Lianga Surigao Del sur where the base of logging operation happens.

    Pichay is a committee chair of Defense and he used the military to invade the forest of surigao del sur. He was also a member of Commission on Appointment.

    In fairness, the brother of Butch Pichay named Philip who is now the new congressman is a totally different person, I heard. Philip is a CPA and a former SGV executive, I heard too.

    Let’s see then.

  12. Dear Sir,

    Peace be with you!. I am currently a Project Analyst/Implementor/Mktg Developer ( inclined with sports -as Sports Consultant .

    I have some ideas advantage for your political agenda

    you can reach me at 09177889158

    Respectfully yours ,


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