1. I don’t want to beg or anything (so you don’t get annoyed) but I really need a gmail… My email right now deletes everything every month.. it sucks…
    Awesome website you have, by the way. I love the background and that pen on the top. Did you make it? Nice.

  2. I really hope I get a Gmail invite, I have been looking for one for ages!!!!

  3. Max: sent your invite already. Please use the 3rd e-mail.

    Anonymous: sent yours also. This blog contains our commentaries mainly on Philippine news and issues.

    Eldar: Now you’ve got Gmail! Enjoy. 🙂

  4. Thanks for the Gmail account!
    You’ve got a great site, I loved your commentary on the president’s deadlines. keep up the nice work!

  5. Hi, Well, i take my chance. I could really use a gmail account. I even clicked on google ads so I assume you’ll make a least 85 cents out of this invite 😉 Nice site by the way. Rija. rija4lw@yahoo.com

  6. Well .. Nothing much to comment as my interest is totally on the Gmail. anyway I wish you the very best in what ever you do .


  7. I know alot of people ask for gmail accounts and keep bugging you… (not to mention alot of people write messages like this acknowledging the limit if invitations)

    But just like everyone else … I really want an invitation too.. 🙂 so if anyone has any please send one to pre@spl.at

    Thank you just for reading this… Im staying positive of someone out there donating one and anyway if I dont get an invitation it never hurt to ask, Thanks once again! 😀

  8. GMail …….la la la la la la ……….. GMail ,,,,,,,,,,, la la la la la ……… i like GMail ….. lo lo lo lo lo ………… i want GMail …….. le le le le le le ……… plz invite me GMail ………. loooooooooooool

  9. I would die for a Gmail adress, please my life depend on it. GMAILLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL

  10. can u plz send me 1 too…thanx in advance…
    nice site u have here…liked it…

  11. I have gmail but I am not using it because very I am too comfortable with my current email
    my friend was very sweet because she invite just becaused I asked for it
    I have 6 invites reserved for personal friends and families

  12. Hi
    this is Sourabh from India,I am in real need of a Gmail account.
    so I hope u will help me.
    thank u!

  13. first of all i like to thank you, for giving this opertunaty,

  14. plz send me gmail initation. i never forget ur help.
    thank u

  15. If someone could spare an invite to gmail I would really appreciate it


  16. i need a gmail invite/пожалуйсте приглашение

  17. hi, can i get a gmail account plz,i’m realy in need of 1.thanks.

  18. please help someone in the sad situation of only having a university given account with almost 10mb to its name.

  19. please i need a gmail account. my mail is reaching it’s max cap. n i dont know wer to go. please do give me an invite. thanx a lot in advance

  20. give me GGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG…….mail invitation pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.

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