The Killing Continues

Some sectors are indeed bent on wiping out the activists in this country. Read Rep. Teddy Casino’s press release below:

Death toll rises
Killing of activists, party-list leaders continue during Holy Week

The killing of activists and party-list officers did not stop even during the Holy Week.

Prominent human rights lawyer Atty. Charles Juloya took 8 bullets while inside his office at McArthur Hi-Way, Aringay La Union at around 12:30 p.m. today. But unlike the 7 other activists who were gunned down this month, Atty. Juloya was lucky to live and is now in intensive care at La Union Medical Center in Agoo. Colleagues immediately point to the military as the perpetrators.

“Gen. Dominguez and his entire command should be relieved from office in lieu of the killings in Central and Northern Luzon, which is under his area of responsibility,” said Bayan Muna Rep. Teddy Casiño as he revealed he have in his possession articles and security briefings from NOLCOM labelling Bayan Muna among other party-lists as a front of the CPP-NPA-NDF and as a security problem, subject to surveillance and neutralization.

Likewise, Casino lambasted Arroyo for her continued inaction of violent attacks. The lawmaker also challenged Pres. Arroyo, “to denounce and act swiftly to put a stop to the killing of activists and political dissenters.

“As the figures themselves reveal this is now not just a systematic killing of political activists, but a perceived major crackdown against the legal left,” he revealed.

The young solon likewise reminded the military that, “political dissent is a constitutionally guaranteed right along with the freedom of expression and association.”

Atty. Juloya ran for Vice Mayor of Aringay town under the banner of Bayan Muna. He was one of the lawyers that defended the Abra 14, who were charged with the killing of Fr. Conrado Balweg.

Ironically, the human rights lawyer was supposed to meet a fellow activist to investigate the killing of Bayan Muna national coordinator Romy Sanchez when he was shot. He is the 8th activist and 4th Bayan Muna leader shot this month.

The 39 year old lawyer is also the 3rd human rights lawyer who was attempted killed just this month. Last March 7, human rights lawyer and pro litem UN judge Romy Capulong was harassed by armed men while Atty. Felidito Dacut was shot dead last March 14.

“The military’s senseless killing of political dissenters and human rights lawyers show the impunity by which the military disregard our civil and political rights,” concluded Casiño. #>

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  1. Attemted Murder suspect of Atty. Charlie Juloya under Police custody. Congressman wants him freed!

    Suspect, Jerry Ramirez was apprehended from his residence @ 1:30pm 05-18-2005; in the town of Sto Thomas, La Union. He allegedly works as body guard of this town’s Mayor

    The Victim’s family has realiable sources that informed them that a certain Congresman is presurring the Police to let the suspect go.
    Please put this development in the attention of the Public to prevent miscarriage of Justice

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