A Terrible Day for Pacquiao and the Philippines

Even just for a day, the Filipino nation was once again united last Sunday– this time, in cheering for boxer Manny Pacquiao. Government leaders, common people, and rebels were one in hoping that “Pacman” would deliver a victory for the country in that fight against Mexican Erik “El Terrible” Morales.

But it was a terrible day for us. Pacquaio lost the bout.

Though I was saddened by the news of Pacquiao’s defeat, I jokingly told my friends: “That’s his karma for endorsing Gloria!”

5 Replies to “A Terrible Day for Pacquiao and the Philippines”

  1. He was. He still does boxing as an exercise, which is why he remains in top shape though he has entered his 70s. I’m sure he would have had lots to say about the way Pacquiao fought. 😀

  2. Pacquaio use a funny way to fight with passion.
    I like to see his boxing performance.
    I guess he maybe learn some style from Li Xiao Long like fighting with shriek and leaping always.

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