What Else Was Eliminated at Camp Bagong Diwa?

Twenty-two Muslim prisoners, including top Abu Sayyaf leaders, and a policeman were killed during the recent siege at Camp Bagong Diwa in Taguig. Many people are now wondering: other than the lives of 23 people, what else was lost in that incident?

There are theories and talks that some important people planned the jailbreak attempt by imprisoned Abu Sayyaf leaders so that they could eliminate the rebels. This was done, according to some, to prevent the prisoners from revealing what they know about the alleged collusion betwen the Abu Sayyaf and the military.

We cannot blame them for believing such theories. It is of course expected from those implicated in the “sabwatan” to do everything to save their asses.

Meanwhile, the Moro-Christian People’s Alliance condemned President Arroyo’s approval of the police assault against the prisoners saying she disregarded “the innocent lives inside the prison compound” and hit the defense secretary.

“With Gen. Angelo Reyes on the lead, we surely expect a grandstanding display of violent action against Muslim detainees for he is known as the general who had a long record of disregard to the lives and rights of the Moro people,” MCPA secretary general Amirah Ali Lidasan said. She added that “Reyes is known to the Moro people as the one responsible for the military actions that has affected thousands of Moro people’s lives in the AFP’s All-Out War in Maguindanao in 2000, military crackdown in Basilan in 2001 and the Pikit War in 2003.”

“President Arroyo and Gen. Reyes’ penchant for militaristic solution and response to the peace and order crises in our country make them no different from the Abu Sayyaf group,” said Lidasan.

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  1. in the side of the prisoners… there are 22 muslims dead and 1 christian i believe where label as ASG/Terrorist. not all 22 muslims killed in this incidents are guilty of their crime pending in the Supreme Court. The suspect is still innocent until they are proven guilty by the court. what the mainstream media try to mindset with the filipino people is the muslim is warfreak in this country. we muslims are same with other people in this world who love live with peace. not all the 22muslims killed are member of the ASG. murder ang labas nila… 22muslims ? lahat ba sila armado? eh 8weapons lang daw narecover ng PNP-SAF sa allege ASG… mga bago pa daw..shining guns… i think the weapon is smuggled inside… and pinalabas na sakanila. We Moro still remember our bad memories with the Govt… we still remember the Jabidah Massacre which believes sparks the MNLF to fight against the Govt.

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