Kris Gets Back At Gonzalez

Kris Aquino may have had problems with her choice of men and in her oftern careless remarks, but the girl knows how to fight back at those who insult her mother.

Last week, after former President Aquino called for Arroyo’s resignation, Justice Sec. Raul Gonzalez said Aquino should first take care of Kris before trying to fix the country’s problems. Gonzalez was obviously refering to Kris’s often problematic lovelife that must have broken the former president’s heart many times.

Kris was shown on TV last night saying that Mrs. Arroyo had indeed called her to apologize for what her attorney, err, secretary of justice pala, had said. Kris also revealed that Gonzalez recently visited Mrs. Aquino’s office to ask for a favor regarding his big problem at the Commission on Appointments.

Gonzalez was bypassed by the CA, which is chaired by Drilon whom according to Kris is Gonzalez’ political nemesis in Iloilo. Why would Gonzalez’ ask for Cory’s help? It should be because Drilon is close to Aquino

Kris said her Mom kept mum about it, but she, being a talkative one, had to speak about it.

Gonzalez also boasted last week that he was the one “responsible for making Kris a movie actress because [he] was the one who introduced her to Mother Lily,” of the movie outfit Regal Films.

Now we know that even if the would still refuse to confirm Gonzalez’s appointment, he could always work as a talent scout for Mother Lily.

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aktwali napanood ko si kris sa the buzz! with matchingtears! hehe!

kinalaban ni gonzales ang buong showbiz! tsk!

tuta ni GMA! ,.. pagtagal, mag reresign na din yan!

si kris talaga kahit anung issue naiinvolve…always the center…i think she enjoys it.



Kawawa naman si “Boy Sedition”… Sana makita nya ako sa mall para maipakilala nya ako kay Mother Lily… Pag bumagsak ang gov’t na to (And I know you can feel it in the air that the “kingdom” is falling) may backup job na cya… TALENT SCOUT!!! ^_^

si kris aquino yong taong matapang eh lahat talagang inilalabas nya i mean mga secreto nya wala syang tinatago sa publico diba?kaya nung lumabas yung statement ni gonzales tungkol sa kanya sino siya para pag salitaan nang ganun2 nalang c kris….kinalaban nya ang buong industriya nang showbiz dahil sa paninira niya kay kris…………baka naiing git kalang kay kris sec.gonzales eh di gumawa ka rin nang ikakasikat mo okey lang yan mis kris nandito parin kami sumosoporta sa yo sa saya at lungkot nang buhay mo from BACOLOD CITY NEGROS OCCIDENTAL

Kris isn’t Kris if she didn’t let herself be against the country’s secretary of IN-JUSTICE, Raul Gonzales.

The alzheimer’s-disease-walking model that Gonzales has shown himself as of late, this guy ironically castigates people without even giving them the shot at due process. He judges people as though he was immaculate & heaven-sent, free of dirt, immune from sins. The gall & nerve, and he is the Philippine’s secretary of (in)justice!!!!!

Gonzales & Gloria Arroyo deserves each other, for failing to comprehend the people’s take on both of them, for underestimating the power of perception that has stirred many an uprising thereby quashing conventions to install the unconventional.

Let Gonzales & Gloria trigger such at a spark & let those of us who defy the power of evil ever-intent at buying materially-starved & hungry souls inflame it to combustion for their own ruin & devastation.

After all, in both the country’s showbiz & political realm, no one could claim better with much conviction one’s marriage to & passion for honesty & transparency than a KRIS AQUINO!

Whatever it is Kris you’re still No. 1… Yang mga ganyan by my expeirence is good the more maraming nang dadown sa yo the more big blessings sa yo later.. Gaya ko laitlaitin ba ko na di ko matapos ang phamacy course ko. Ngayon Pharmacist na ko at nasa Hawaii pa.. Ok lang yang … just always be humble… yan ka naman kahit super me K kang magmayabang eh super down to earth ka… Aloha..

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